Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Borneo

Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of the Borneo is a lavishly illustrated overview of the thirty nine species of Bornean pitcher plants Nepenthes Several species featured in this work have been discovered extremely recently, and the images included in this work are among the first to be published This visually beautiful guide book consists of a short introduction to Nepenthes, followed by an overview of the species known from Borneo complete with full page map Each species is then profiled over two pages with the use of three images most of which have never been published before and a brief, but detailed text summary written in clear, easy to understand English Concluding sections cover Nepenthes hybrids, conservation of Bornean pitcher plants, Bibliography, Index and About the Authors The species documented in this work are N albomarginata, N ampullaria, N appendiculata, N baramensis, N bicalcarata, N boschiana, N burbidgeae, N campanulata, N chaniana, N clipeata, N edwardsiana, N ephippiata, N epiphytica, N faizaliana, N fusca, N glandulifera, N gracilis, N hirsuta, N hispida, N hurrelliana, N lowii, N macrophylla, N macrovulgaris, N mapuluensis, N mirabilis, N mollis, N muluensis, N murudensis, N northiana, N pilosa, N platychila, N rafflesiana, N rajah, N reinwardtiana, N stenophylla, N tentaculata, N veitchii, N villosa, N vogelii Highlights include 1 coverage and unique images of the recently discovered Nepenthes baramensis, N appendiculata and N epiphytica 2 Unique, never before published images of many rare and little known Nepenthes, including N glandulifera, N hurrelliana, N mapuluensis, N platychila and N vogelii.
Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Borneo Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of the Borneo is a lavishly illustrated overview of the thirty nine species of Bornean pitcher plants Nepenthes Several species featured in this work have been discov

  • Title: Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Borneo
  • Author: Stewart McPherson
  • ISBN: 1908787031
  • Page: 235
  • Format: broch
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    1 thought on “Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Borneo”

    1. Livret trés detaillé, et de trés belles photo de nepenthes de borneo pour agrementer le tout. A posseder absolument :)

    2. Yes I have the same review of this book as Field Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Sumatra and Java. Both books are almost identical except in the regions they cover. Excellent pictures. I was a little disappointed in the book considering the price. It is more like a large pamphlet. However, it is a "Field Guide" and you probably do not want something heavy to carry around. The problem would be then it has too nice of pictures to be getting dirty in the field.

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