Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus

Authoritative and up to the minute, this edition of the Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus has been revised to include the very latest vocabulary, covering over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations Packed with extra features, the dictionary includes a fascinating A Z of life and culture in the German speaking world, handy sample letters and emails, and helpful guidance on grammar and pronunciation, making it the perfect reference for students and holiday makers alike In addition, it offers word games to help improve your dictionary skills and your vocabulary, German verb tables, and tips on usage Colour headwords make the dictionary clear, accessible, and easy to use, and its durable cover means that it s ideal for use at home and school, and while travelling This edition replaces the previous ISBN 0 19 864561 9.
Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus Authoritative and up to the minute this edition of the Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus has been revised to include the very latest vocabulary covering over words phrases and translati

  • Title: Oxford Colour German Dictionary Plus
  • Author: Roswitha Morris
  • ISBN: 0198609019
  • Page: 228
  • Format:
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    1. Das Oxford "Colour" German Dictionary habe ich hier bei erworben.Dementsprechend habe ich es auch blitzschnell nach Hause geliefert bekommen.Zum Buch selber muss man natürlich beachten, dass es nicht den großen Umfang bieten wird wie die normale Oxford Ausgabe für etwa 35€.Das "Colour" im Titel wird meiner Ansicht nach dem Inhalt nicht gerecht. Viel eher hätte man es einfach "Pocket German Dictionary" betiteln müssen, da es im inneren des Buches statt ein wenig "Coulor" nicht mehr als de [...]

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