Oxford Starter Chinese Dictionary (Oxford Starter Dictionaries)

A dictionary for beginning students of Chinese unfamiliar with the conventions of the language offers translations, advice on potential problems, examples of idioms, romanizations, and information on writing and pronunciation.
Oxford Starter Chinese Dictionary Oxford Starter Dictionaries A dictionary for beginning students of Chinese unfamiliar with the conventions of the language offers translations advice on potential problems examples of idioms romanizations and information on

  • Title: Oxford Starter Chinese Dictionary (Oxford Starter Dictionaries)
  • Author: Boping Yuan
  • ISBN: 0198602588
  • Page: 406
  • Format:
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    1 thought on “Oxford Starter Chinese Dictionary (Oxford Starter Dictionaries)”

    1. Gerade wenn es auf den Anfänger ausgerichtet ist, sollte für mich ein Wörterbuch vor allem auch auf die korrekte Strichfolge eingehen. Leider geht das Oxford's Starter Dictionary überhaupt nicht darauf ein. Auch ist man sich als Westler und Neuling im Umgang mit der chinesischen Schrift vielleicht nicht bewusst, dass es trotz der "Vereinheitlichung" des Hochchinesisch (Mandarin) noch immer Unterschiede in der Aussprache und vor allem in der Schreibweise der Schriftzeichen gibt. Während die [...]

    2. It's my first chinese dictionairy so far but i can say from what i have seen till now that it's really a very good "starter dictionairy". Has good explanation about his usage and usefull grammatic rules are outlined, furthermore there are many phrases to show how some words are used. So far i am very happy with the dictionairy. The fonts are nice too and the blue boldface letters help a lot to memorise the shape of the characters.

    3. I've just completed my first two semesters studying Mandarin and they would have been a lot easier if I had had this dictionary from the beginning. Everyone says how easy Mandarin grammar is and that may be true relative to other languages (and relative to learning Chinese characters!), but you still need to learn quite a bit of Mandarin grammar before you can start formulating sentences. I always felt very uncomfortable doing my homework (translation from English to Chinese) because I didn't [...]

    4. An excellent dictionary for all beginning and intermediate students of Chinese. The printing is clear, the example compounds are very useful, there is clear differentiation of parts of speech for each character (e.g used as a verb this way and used as a noun that way), good cultural notes on usage, and a handy, yet not cramped size, both of the book itself and the text inside. I'd recommend to all aspiring Chinese language learners.

    5. I ordered the CDs and backed this up with an order for the dictionaries. The Cds were rated by quality on and related links. The combination now works quite amazingly for me. My initial order was for my temp PA who was married to someone of Chinese origin in South Africa. My youngest son attended the Pretoria Chinese School as well as the German School in Pretoria.My temp PA is also a family member and has displayed an interest in Mandarin - hence my purchases. The biggest plus though is that I [...]

    6. This book is not only practical, but beautiful! To the westerner, the Chinese language can look impossibly intimidating, but the Starter Oxford is laid out in such a spacious, clear manner, that this complex system becomes not just approachable, but inviting. A breath of fresh air in the field of foreign language study. I hope this sets a new standard for reference texts on every subject in every langage.DUO XIE, Oxford!!!

    7. I only have one hope that Oxford brings the extended version of its dictionary in the same wonderful format ! I understand this would make the dictionary big and ponderous I don't care ! This is by far the best format I have ever seen on a Chinese dictionary !

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